Marc Siegel Spa: A varied Experience

“Amid my quarter century in the business,” Marc Siegel Spa says, “I have given visionary administration, reliably succeeding in brand advancement, showcasing, business improvement, and administration of wellness, spa, and resort benefits inside the neighbourliness business. As an ambitious official, I have had the benefit of working together with probably the most famous lodging gatherings on the planet; effectively catapulting gainful, new brands, operations and programming ideas.”

The way to his prosperity, he says, is his capacity to reliably surpass the desires of managers and customers. He accomplishes this with his unprecedented logical abilities and motivation toward oneself that empower him to adapt to present circumstances. Marc Siegel, a spa official, has over and again exhibited his novel blessings by forcefully and instinctively understanding the wellness, spa, and resort needs of the worldwide business. He has precisely conjecture industry patterns, over and again considering and dispatching profoundly fruitful business ideas and brands far ahead of time of the opposition.

Marc Siegel SpaMarc Siegel, a spa expert, has worked with a customer base that incorporates more than forty Condé Nast Award winning lodgings and resorts. Among them are the Ritz Carlton, Rose Hall, Jamaica; Elbow Beach, Bermuda; Malliouhana, Anguilla; Jalousie Hilton, St. Lucia; Sandals Royal Bahamian Resort, Nassau, Bahamas; Beaches Turks and Caicos, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos; the Fontainebleau Hilton Resort, Miami Beach.

Marc gives customers and businesses alike with a various foundation that includes marking, outline, improvement, development supervision, staff preparing, operations, administrations advancement and administration, advertising, retail deals, and staff preparing; he reliably drives a game changer for customers.

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Marc Siegel Spa Professional and Innovator

In terms of pioneers in the spa and accommodation commercial enterprises, Marc Siegel has reliably conveyed the aptitudes and thoughts important to surpass customer desires. Having more than a quarter century involvement in the spa, wellness and well being industry, he has been a key figure in helping prominent customers make shocking spa offices in their foundations that have surpassed all desires of his customers and visitors.

Marc Siegel is a visionary who is headed to make new ideas that increase current standards in the Spa Hospitality Industry. Marc Siegel’s spa offices are an impression of his enthusiasm, demonstrable skill and meticulousness. With his creative and successful thoughts, Siegel has supported more than 15 of them pick up distinguishable from Condè Nast, who has granted them for their dedication to incredibleness and their stellar levels of administration and visitor fulfilment.

Beside his work in resorts, Marc Siegel’s experience incorporates the usage of corporate spa actively present person recreational projects for Fortune 500 organizations that incorporate IBM, INTEL, AMERICAN EXPRESS and Auto-Zone He is a top proficient in his field with numerous achievements which bolster his strong notoriety as a spa master with boundless ability.

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Marc Siegel: Spas with Condè Nast Awards

Marc Siegel is a spa executive who has had the pleasure of producing on spa, fitness, wellness and salon facilities of a number of luxury resorts that have been recognized by Condè Nast as “BEST IN THE WORLD” premised on having the world’s finest service, location, food, rooms, leisure facilities and ambient design. The travel editors focus on the very details that are aimed to excite their travelers and keep them coming back for more.

Marc Siegel Spa

Marc Siegel Spa is proud to say that the following hotels have been recognized by Condè Nast as “The Best in the World” in part for the very services he played a direct role with: Elbow Beach, Bermuda; Malliouhana, Anguilla; W Retreat and Spa, Vieques; Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos; Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman; Ritz-Carlton, Rose Hall Resort, Jamaica; CuisinArt Resort, Anguilla; Couples Swept Away, Negril, Jamaica; Jalousie Hilton, St. Lucia; The Fontainebleau Hilton Resort, Miami Beach; Las Ventanas al Paraiso.

Marc Siegel Spa

What the list may not entail is the fact that many of these resorts won multiple awards across multiple years, serving as extra testaments of success to the spa programming implemented by Marc Siegel. Further, he has a proven track record of assisting spa and wellness facilities gain an average 15%-20% in bookings through his unique and proprietary Spa Concierge Program, which also garners an increase of returning guests.

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Marc Siegel, Spa Professional – Success with NFS Americas, LLC.

Amongst the many notable career accomplishments of Marc Siegel, spa executive is the success of NFS Americas, LLC, a Palm Lane Spa Group entity. Siegel, the former leader and Managing Director of the Palm Lane Spa Group, considered by many to have been a leader in fitness, spa and wellness concepts for over a decade, is proud to have utilized the vertical expertise of NFS for the many well-respected services they provided, including Financial feasibility analyses and platform budgeting, architecture, design, engineering specifications, operational protocols and sop manuals, and private-label retail development.


Marc Siegel, spa professional helped to build a strong and expansive reputation for NFS, developed on a foundation of significant business acumen, operational prowess and a focused attention to detail that would result in consistent operational profitability. NFS was responsible for the development of Nautilus Fitness and Spa—Fitness by Nautilus facilities to be located within numerous franchised, corporate and managed Holiday Inn Select/Holiday Inn properties, and for solidifying a formidable industry alliance between The Nautilus Group and Holiday Inn Hotels and Resorts, a division of the InterContinental Hotels Group

Marc Siegel Spa

As leader of both Palm Lane Spa Group and NFS, Marc Siegel, spa professional liaised directly with the leading executives of the InterContinental Hotels Group, Americas. In addition, Siegel and NFS worked in concert with The Nautilus Group’s Executive Committee in the development phase of this innovative Spa/Fitness concept for insertion into Holiday Inn SELECT/Holiday Inn Hotels that were then being constructed, developed or that were in operation. Siegel is proud of what both PLSG and NFS accomplished by working with both The Nautilus Group and with leaders within the Holiday Inn Hotels and Resorts and InterContinental Hotels Group.

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Marc Siegel, Spa Professional – Gold’s Gym and Palm Lane Spa Group

Marc Siegel, spa professional was former managing director of the successful Palm Lane Spa Group, a decade-long leader in spa, fitness, and wellness concepts for the hospitality industry. As company leader, Siegel enjoyed the opportunity to connect with, and provide service to, Gold’s Gym International, which was then considered to be a leading global fitness provider, one with over 4 million members and 678 facilities throughout the globe.

Gold’s Gym understood how experienced, proven and successful both Marc Siegel spa professional and the Palm Lane team has been in producing award-winning fitness, spa and wellness concepts for some of the biggest names and companies in the world, and chose PLSG to be their brand developer, designer, and operations manager as well as “Master Licensee for the Hospitality Industry”of Gold’s Gym & Palm Lane SPA.

Gold’s Gym had determined that Spa/Wellness programming would be a transcending g way to position the brand more towards women, accrete growth through a new revenue avenue, and catalyze growth, profitability and brand awareness well into the future. This is why they looked to PLSG and Siegel to create a new concept that would be inserted into Gold’s Gym facilities across the globe. The prototype spa concept was inserted into Gold’s Los Angeles, California location featuring a new logo and other brand integration elements that were extremely well received.

As leaders in providing members of the hospitality industry with innovative spa concepts, both Marc Siegel, spa professional and the PLSG team worked to forge a second agreement to facilitate transition the Gold’s Gym brand into the hotel/resort field. Before this transaction could be concluded, however, Gold’s Gym International was bought out by TRT Holdings, Inc., a competing hospitality company, which ended PLSG’s involvement in this effort.

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Marc Siegel – Knowledgeable and Experienced in Innovative Spa Concepts

Exceeding client/employer expectations is what Marc Siegel’s goal has always been. A career Corporate and Individual Spa Director, Siegel has consistently pursued development, service, and product excellence for every client/employer and has come to be regarded as one of the most successful and renowned spa, fitness and wellness executives in the hospitality industry.

Marc Siegel is a savant of spa, fitness, and wellness innovation, and has been responsible for this “out of the box creativity” that has revolutionized these service amenities for his clients/employers and their guests. His penchant for innovative spa, fitness and wellness concepts has garnered his clients a superior level of profitability and the ability to provide unparalleled service to their guests, including 15 highly-coveted Condè Nast awards for Hotel/Resort Spa excellence. The operations have included, but certainly aren’t limited to, such recognized hotel and resort spas as Sandals Royal Bohemian Spa, The Spa of Eden, The Spa at the Fontainebleau Hilton Resort, The Royal St. Lucian Spa, The Fiesta American Coral Beach Spa, The Fiesta Americana Aeropuerto Spa amongst many others.

Marc Siegel Spa has taken on every new spa challenge with energy, enthusiasm and a can-do, hands-on, team work approach, something that has set him far above and beyond others in the industry. By consistently seeking and delivering progressive, cutting-edge innovations to clients throughout the hospitality industry, and by integrating extensive business acumen, an unwavering and unmatched passion into his work, and a detailed oriented strategy, Siegel has firmly established himself as premiere business development and operations executive. His 20 years of success in the industry are proof of his commitment to his craft and to his clients/employers.

Many of Siegel’s projects have garnered awards and recognition from such publications as Shape Magazine and Travel & Leisure. The Spa at the Fontaine Bleau Hilton Resort was named One of the Best in the industry by Shape Magazine, while The Royal St. Lucien Spa was named as one of Travel & Leisure’s Top Ten Spa facilities.

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