Marc Siegel: Professional Spa Entrepreneur

Marc Siegel, Spa Entrepreneur was at first, the Director of Tennis at the Fontainebleau Hilton Resort. He worked with Hilton Hotels Corporation (Manager) and the Muss Organization (Owner) to build up Hilton’s first spa in North America. To that end, Spa-Vest, Inc. was shaped to mutually embrace this far reaching try.

Marc Siegel and the organization led the marking, outline, improvement, development supervision, preparing, operations/administration, showcasing and deals (participations, visitor use, tradition administration projects, bundles and retail), publicizing/advancement (inward and outer), menu creation, and retail programming.

Marc Siegel Spa
In this manner, they made division particular (SOP) standard working systems manuals; giving hierarchical structure, departmental working convention, and administration system directions to build up a strong establishment for this marked spa stage

The Spa at the Fontainebleau Hilton, was an incredible accomplishment from the onset and surpassed all desires. A  Condé Nast honor beneficiary in its first year of operations, Marc Siegel built up, the now renowned enrollment publicizing battle “WHY JOIN A SPA, WHEN YOU CAN JOIN A RESORT?” and collected a record breaking 3,000 individuals by the end of the opening year.

Marc Siegel Spa
Prefaced on the previously stated results, Hilton Hotels Corporation and The Muss Organization overwhelmingly consented to extend, utilizing Marc Siegel Spa Entrepreneur’s one-source administration stage. Upon finishing, The Spa at the Fontainebleau Hilton included 40,000 square feet of aerated and cooled and 10,000 square feet of outside space with a staff of more than 300 persons.

The Spa at the Fontainebleau Hilton kept working productively for a long time and through constantly surpassing desires, Marc Siegel was given various tasks advancing with Hilton Hotels Corporation.

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When it comes to accomplished spa managers, Marc Siegel has proven his expertise in spa, fitness, wellness, salon and operations. He has implemented a number of effective programs for his employer/clients that result in consistently exceeding guest’s expectations while surpassing owner’s financial goals.
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