Marc Siegel, Spa Professional – Success with NFS Americas, LLC.

Amongst the many notable career accomplishments of Marc Siegel, spa executive is the success of NFS Americas, LLC, a Palm Lane Spa Group entity. Siegel, the former leader and Managing Director of the Palm Lane Spa Group, considered by many to have been a leader in fitness, spa and wellness concepts for over a decade, is proud to have utilized the vertical expertise of NFS for the many well-respected services they provided, including Financial feasibility analyses and platform budgeting, architecture, design, engineering specifications, operational protocols and sop manuals, and private-label retail development.


Marc Siegel, spa professional helped to build a strong and expansive reputation for NFS, developed on a foundation of significant business acumen, operational prowess and a focused attention to detail that would result in consistent operational profitability. NFS was responsible for the development of Nautilus Fitness and Spa—Fitness by Nautilus facilities to be located within numerous franchised, corporate and managed Holiday Inn Select/Holiday Inn properties, and for solidifying a formidable industry alliance between The Nautilus Group and Holiday Inn Hotels and Resorts, a division of the InterContinental Hotels Group

Marc Siegel Spa

As leader of both Palm Lane Spa Group and NFS, Marc Siegel, spa professional liaised directly with the leading executives of the InterContinental Hotels Group, Americas. In addition, Siegel and NFS worked in concert with The Nautilus Group’s Executive Committee in the development phase of this innovative Spa/Fitness concept for insertion into Holiday Inn SELECT/Holiday Inn Hotels that were then being constructed, developed or that were in operation. Siegel is proud of what both PLSG and NFS accomplished by working with both The Nautilus Group and with leaders within the Holiday Inn Hotels and Resorts and InterContinental Hotels Group.


About marcsiegelspa

When it comes to accomplished spa managers, Marc Siegel has proven his expertise in spa, fitness, wellness, salon and operations. He has implemented a number of effective programs for his employer/clients that result in consistently exceeding guest’s expectations while surpassing owner’s financial goals.
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