Marc Siegel – Knowledgeable and Experienced in Innovative Spa Concepts

Exceeding client/employer expectations is what Marc Siegel’s goal has always been. A career Corporate and Individual Spa Director, Siegel has consistently pursued development, service, and product excellence for every client/employer and has come to be regarded as one of the most successful and renowned spa, fitness and wellness executives in the hospitality industry.

Marc Siegel is a savant of spa, fitness, and wellness innovation, and has been responsible for this “out of the box creativity” that has revolutionized these service amenities for his clients/employers and their guests. His penchant for innovative spa, fitness and wellness concepts has garnered his clients a superior level of profitability and the ability to provide unparalleled service to their guests, including 15 highly-coveted Condè Nast awards for Hotel/Resort Spa excellence. The operations have included, but certainly aren’t limited to, such recognized hotel and resort spas as Sandals Royal Bohemian Spa, The Spa of Eden, The Spa at the Fontainebleau Hilton Resort, The Royal St. Lucian Spa, The Fiesta American Coral Beach Spa, The Fiesta Americana Aeropuerto Spa amongst many others.

Marc Siegel Spa has taken on every new spa challenge with energy, enthusiasm and a can-do, hands-on, team work approach, something that has set him far above and beyond others in the industry. By consistently seeking and delivering progressive, cutting-edge innovations to clients throughout the hospitality industry, and by integrating extensive business acumen, an unwavering and unmatched passion into his work, and a detailed oriented strategy, Siegel has firmly established himself as premiere business development and operations executive. His 20 years of success in the industry are proof of his commitment to his craft and to his clients/employers.

Many of Siegel’s projects have garnered awards and recognition from such publications as Shape Magazine and Travel & Leisure. The Spa at the Fontaine Bleau Hilton Resort was named One of the Best in the industry by Shape Magazine, while The Royal St. Lucien Spa was named as one of Travel & Leisure’s Top Ten Spa facilities.

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About marcsiegelspa

When it comes to accomplished spa managers, Marc Siegel has proven his expertise in spa, fitness, wellness, salon and operations. He has implemented a number of effective programs for his employer/clients that result in consistently exceeding guest’s expectations while surpassing owner’s financial goals.
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